About Me

I am family oriented, and after the birth of my third and final child, I realized that my priorities had to change; because I was NOT happy! My journey began the Fall of 2011; I was studying Criminal Justice, and thought that that was my dream; and then my dream changed when a best friend introduced me to Essential Oils.

I began using the essential oils in my everyday life on myself, my husband, my children, my pet; and family. Digging deeper into the science and the background of the healing benefits essential oils provide, I realized that they did a lot more than just smell good!

 I decided to change my major, and study Business & Economics; and at the same time, I went to school and received my certification in Aromatherapy; and ever since, I have not worried about my career path, because I am now doing everything I love; and helping others heal their: body, mind, &   spirit through natural medicine that works unbelievably well. I am living proof that Essential oils can change your life forever.