Come As You Are, and Forever Be 12 Kinds of HAPPY!

Kindra Berglin

Certified Aromatherapist


12 Kinds of HAPPY Aromatherapy

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(612) 860-9188


Becoming 12 Kinds of HAPPY...


12) Lasting Health (Naturally)

11) Someone who takes time to care about your needs

10) You make your own Decisions

9) No Expensive Prescriptions

8) No More Constant & Lengthy Doctor Visits

7) No Insurance Complications

6) NO More Textbook Health Predictions

5) All Natural Health & Healing

4) All Natural & Organic Products

3) R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

2) Everyone's Welcome. No judgment



You too can find what makes you HAPPY!


I offer:

Products made with Essential oils & All natural bases & Carrier oils

Aromatherapy Education classes

Meditation Sessions 1 on 1, & Group Therapy

Massage (Using Essential oils for Ailments, Rashes, Skin Issues...ETC)

Health Consultations

Essential oil Blends for Health Healing Benefits